Friday, January 28, 2011

vegas baby!

husband and I spent our honeymoon in Vegas during new years!! We had a blast! Here, take a look at a few of our adventures.

sitting and waiting for the O show to start- absolutely amazing, i highly recommend seeing it!

getting ready for blue man group. 
out on the strip- it may not look like it, but it was frigidly cold that night!

The entire strip looked just like this... massively jam packed with far too many people. 

Kissin my babe!

 New years kiss!!

 Happy 2011!!

 And what better way to celebrate the new year than eating the oh so tasty McDonalds? No better way.

Honey-lovin-moon to vegas with my new hubby = ahhh-mazing!  I'm so lookin forward to this year.  A brand new start to a brand new year with a brand new me and my wonderful brand new husband.

I'm loovin life!

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