Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a little favor

I'm working on a little research right now, and I was just wondering if you would be so kind as to take a minute or two to take this little wedding invitation survey for me. It would be much much appreciated! 

Just click right here!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Sperry turns one!

The Dog Lady...?

You know those somewhat pretentious individuals who buy overly priced rhinestone collars and holiday sweaters for their pooches? Sip their coffee from "I LOVE MY DOG" mugs? Well, I always thought those poeple were a little out there. But sometimes I wonder, if Sperry was smaller and husband did not have a say in Sperry's wardrobe, or lack thereof, would I be one of them? I'm glad husband unknowingly keeps me in check and I'm glad my dog is a little too large for fake burberry plaid jackets, but I get those people and sometimes I wonder, could I secretly be one of them?

Everyone knows a cat lady, but do you think a dog lady exists? Is there such a thing as a person with too many dogs? Because if so, I think i'm headed down the dog lady path. We have 8 dogs living with us right now. No, that was not a typo. We do in fact have 8. Husband's family dog just had 5 puppies last week. They are about the sweetest things in this world (aside from husband and Sperry). They make the cutest little noises and coos, and I can't help but scrunch my face and squint my eyes when I'm around them (or write about them- I just scrunched and squinted.) My voice gets all high and I start with the baby talk. Why? No idea people, it just comes out.

More pictures to come.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got me some new running kicks.

Alas! I have decided to become a runner, despite my aversion to it.  I've scouted out a 10k at the end of march and a 1/2 marathon towards the end of the year.  I'm on the right track. (weak pun intended)

Yesterday I ventured off to Luke's Locker for some new running kicks.  The people of Luke's Locker know so much about running shoes, go figure.  They have you take your shoes off, watch how you walk and recommend the best shoes for your feet. Quite the experience.

Went on my first run last night. Sperry joined me. 

Saw this on The Color Issue today. Wish I had seen it earlier! Dallas is sold out!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a Valentine's that needed a little tweaking.

So often things do not go as planned. life happens. and I keep learning from my sweet husband that's ok.

I told husband I wanted to plan Valentine's this year, and he didn't mind in the slightest.
I eagerly planned a trip to Dallas...

But unfortunately we got a late start, hit some major traffic... and by missing our first stop of the day, things would not have worked our from then on.

I was pretty bummed and felt like I had failed miserably at planning our Valentine's.

My sweet Valentine cheered me up, picked up the pieces and took me out for a night in Fort Worth. It was as if he had planned it all along.

We started off with a Starbucks run for a little needed hot tea.  Then we made our way to the modern art museum. I've been begging husband to take me for months. It was very... interesting. Not what I had expected. At all. Next stop? A little Cajun place for some frog legs, rat toes (not actually rat toes), shrimp, and craw fish... loved everything except for the frog legs. People say frog legs taste like chicken, and they are very wrong. They are rubbery and soft and all I could think about while eating those frog legs was a little yellow slimy frog leaping in the rainforest. blah. Then we went to see the flick This Means War.  I give it 4 stars.  We ended the night with a little chocolate and Martinelli's.

Husband suggested that he plans next year's Valentine's... and I'm ok with that! :)

Man, I love him.


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Just a few valentine's links for you to check out. You know, get some ideas for the hubby or beau for next week.
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In which nightly ramblings give me quite a chuckle

Husband would most likely not approve of this post... but I just can't help myself.

Ever since I became a puppy mom (soon to be puppy grandma, yikes) I have been on high alert and always vigilant. I used to sleep through fire alarm sounding alarm clocks and thunder storms. Now I wake up to the faintest noises. If Sperry even moves from his spot by our bed over to his pillow, I know. If he rumbles in his sleep (which we refer to as a quiet bark where his mouth doesn't quite open but his cheeks puff out) I know. Needless to say, if my husband stirs in his sleep, usually I know. Especially if he does a little more than just stir... like talk in his sleep for instance.... Husband is a big sleep talker... to my delight. I find it borderline the funniest thing in this world. Ah it's good night when I get a good chuckle out of his nightly ramblings. Sometimes I go along with what he's saying and try to coax more funnies out of him. But a lot of the time I can hardly make out what he is saying or trying to say, and it makes absolutely no sense, like this one...

Luke: watch out! you got to be careful!
Me: of what??
Luke: of kids in the marketplace and stuff.  There's a lot....
Me: a lot of what??
Luke: a lot of pages and stuff!

or this one...

Luke: hahahaha (sitting up and just cracking up) I love you!!!
Me: (trying not to laugh) what is so funny??
Luke: what do you mean what is so funny?
Me: well what are you laughing at?
Luke: Just the fact that you have stuff popping out of the side of your thing for CEO!


After his nightly ramblings, I used to think to myself, he is going to laugh so hard when I tell him this in the morning! But I could rarely remember what he said... I am usually half asleep too when it happens. So what did I do? I started writing them down in my iphone... call me crazy, wait, no don't. Husband is the crazy one here. But I love him, dearly. Clearly.