Thursday, February 9, 2012

In which nightly ramblings give me quite a chuckle

Husband would most likely not approve of this post... but I just can't help myself.

Ever since I became a puppy mom (soon to be puppy grandma, yikes) I have been on high alert and always vigilant. I used to sleep through fire alarm sounding alarm clocks and thunder storms. Now I wake up to the faintest noises. If Sperry even moves from his spot by our bed over to his pillow, I know. If he rumbles in his sleep (which we refer to as a quiet bark where his mouth doesn't quite open but his cheeks puff out) I know. Needless to say, if my husband stirs in his sleep, usually I know. Especially if he does a little more than just stir... like talk in his sleep for instance.... Husband is a big sleep talker... to my delight. I find it borderline the funniest thing in this world. Ah it's good night when I get a good chuckle out of his nightly ramblings. Sometimes I go along with what he's saying and try to coax more funnies out of him. But a lot of the time I can hardly make out what he is saying or trying to say, and it makes absolutely no sense, like this one...

Luke: watch out! you got to be careful!
Me: of what??
Luke: of kids in the marketplace and stuff.  There's a lot....
Me: a lot of what??
Luke: a lot of pages and stuff!

or this one...

Luke: hahahaha (sitting up and just cracking up) I love you!!!
Me: (trying not to laugh) what is so funny??
Luke: what do you mean what is so funny?
Me: well what are you laughing at?
Luke: Just the fact that you have stuff popping out of the side of your thing for CEO!


After his nightly ramblings, I used to think to myself, he is going to laugh so hard when I tell him this in the morning! But I could rarely remember what he said... I am usually half asleep too when it happens. So what did I do? I started writing them down in my iphone... call me crazy, wait, no don't. Husband is the crazy one here. But I love him, dearly. Clearly.


  1. I love it when Paul talks in his sleep! I usually go along with him too b/c then it gets even funnier. So much fun!!

  2. Oh- and I think Adelaide talks in her sleep too b/c one day during nap time she was talking like crazy for about a minute and then was silent and kept sleeping for another hour. A few nights ago too she was talking at 2am and then nothing, it's cute.