Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got me some new running kicks.

Alas! I have decided to become a runner, despite my aversion to it.  I've scouted out a 10k at the end of march and a 1/2 marathon towards the end of the year.  I'm on the right track. (weak pun intended)

Yesterday I ventured off to Luke's Locker for some new running kicks.  The people of Luke's Locker know so much about running shoes, go figure.  They have you take your shoes off, watch how you walk and recommend the best shoes for your feet. Quite the experience.

Went on my first run last night. Sperry joined me. 

Saw this on The Color Issue today. Wish I had seen it earlier! Dallas is sold out!

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  1. wow abi, congrats!! and way to commit with a 10k! at least you have a little running buddy. :)