Friday, March 2, 2012

The Dog Lady...?

You know those somewhat pretentious individuals who buy overly priced rhinestone collars and holiday sweaters for their pooches? Sip their coffee from "I LOVE MY DOG" mugs? Well, I always thought those poeple were a little out there. But sometimes I wonder, if Sperry was smaller and husband did not have a say in Sperry's wardrobe, or lack thereof, would I be one of them? I'm glad husband unknowingly keeps me in check and I'm glad my dog is a little too large for fake burberry plaid jackets, but I get those people and sometimes I wonder, could I secretly be one of them?

Everyone knows a cat lady, but do you think a dog lady exists? Is there such a thing as a person with too many dogs? Because if so, I think i'm headed down the dog lady path. We have 8 dogs living with us right now. No, that was not a typo. We do in fact have 8. Husband's family dog just had 5 puppies last week. They are about the sweetest things in this world (aside from husband and Sperry). They make the cutest little noises and coos, and I can't help but scrunch my face and squint my eyes when I'm around them (or write about them- I just scrunched and squinted.) My voice gets all high and I start with the baby talk. Why? No idea people, it just comes out.

More pictures to come.

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  1. dog ladies do in fact exist. and i say that you are in fact one of them!