Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my thankfuls

here is a little list of the things i am especially thankful for this thanksgiving, and I call them "my thankfuls."


hot apple cider
nail polish
stuffing (oh how i love stuffing)
pecan pie
Sperry (my puppy)
Kate Spade and her witty and whimiscal design (so very inspirational)
taxi mittens
Christmas music
pandora and groove shark
modern family
Christmas everything
cozy clean sheets
the blanket my grandma made for me years ago (just took it out of the dryer and it's on my lap right now, oh it feels so good)
pretty fabric
sewing machines
mary kay skin care products (I go through about 10 steps every morning and night which takes quite a bit of time, but goodness it feels so good!)
singing (especially when my husband does it)
my oh so freakin cool sister
and my absolutely amazing husband. He has been so patient me these past few mornings as I press snooze button over and over procrastinating the inevitable- getting up far too early.  He just smiles and rolls over to cuddle me while I sink deeper into the covers. I hate alarm clocks. like really really hate. In fact...

here is a little list of the thing i am especially not thankful for this thanksgiving, and i call it "my unthankful."


alarm clocks

but lets try not to dwell on our "unthankfuls" this thanksgiving. So bring on the pecan pie and Christmas music- I'm ready for turkey day!


  1. OOoo I love your thankful list!!! I am also thanful for nail polish ;-) XO

  2. What an excellent list of thankfuls & unthankful. Atleast your unthankful list only consisted of one thing..and it deserves to be there!

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  3. a very sweet list. i love to read about what others are thankful for!

  4. I am also very thankful for stuffing. I ate it four times this weekend. Alarm clocks are on my unthankful list as well. Along with road construction.