Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've been doing some "research"

picture via here

To say that i thoroughly enjoy reading blogs is quite the understatement. i've recently decided to refer my blog reading as "research" to sound a little more porductive. these women are inspirational. i love their cool quirky live's and cute babies. their embarrasing moments and their happy happenings with their husbands. their city park strolls and their vintage photography.

a few months ago i came across this witty little lady- nat the fat rat.  and i recently found this article.

also, rockstar diaries (one of my faves) posted this article the other day.

it's pretty cool to see these women become so successful simply by sharing their eventful live's with others via the internet. ah i just love it. don't you? what are some of your favorite blogs and daily reads?


  1. nat the fat rat was the first blog I ever read. To say I'm in love with that blog is a little bit of an understatement. She's hilarious, stylish, and a good mom. What else could you want?

  2. abi! Love your blog! I love that you call it research! I totally agree. I also love reading pink pistachio and pioneer woman. there's so much talent and beautiful ideas out there! love it. how's your business coming? did you see my last fb message? okay, i'll keep this a comment, not an email. miss you, bye!