Monday, December 12, 2011

TWELVE DATES OF CHRISTMAS :: on our second date of christmas...

(Saw this idea on Rockstar Diaries and decided to borrow it.)
... Husband and I went out for dinner and a movie. Twas a delightful date.

Husband doesn't have any classes on Friday, so we hit up a matinee and saw the movie New Years Eve.  It had quite the cast! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my favorite, Sarah Jessica Parker!  I had absolutely no idea she was in this movie.  My review? 3.75 stars. It was good, not great, and I've been in such a Christmasy mood lately, this movie just did not hit the spot.

Here are a couple of pictures from dinner-- We went to a little burger joint called Kincaids Hamburgers. I've seen a few around Fort Worth, but I'm pretty sure we went to the original. Very tasty. My review? 4.5 stars.

This is our pathetic attempt to take more pictures... in my defense, husband would not pose for a picture (he was watching TV) Lame excuse, I know. We will try and work on the whole picture thing.

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  1. Okay. Good. That was my expectation for this movie, so I'm glad to hear my judgement was on. Now I am excited for a cheesy night out to see it. And I'm with you--LOVE SJP.